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Patents are complex documents. They often contain many sections and parts that refer to each other. Because even minor inconsistencies can lead to costly litigation, patent applications must be carefully drafted and it can take significant time and money for patent drafts to be drafted and reviewed prior to filing.

Traditionally, patent professionals have to balance between cost and the time they spend perfecting their patent drafts and avoid costly mistakes down the line.

PowerPatent’s Generative AI drafting tool allows patent professionals to conduct thorough, efficient patent writing with cost-effective reviews of their patent applications and analyze them in minutes.  In contrast to other AI tools that generate all text based on the claims, PowerPatent allows the patent drafter to upload drawings illustrative of the invention and auto-completes the application based on the drawings.  After all, a drawing is worth a thousand words, and we would not want the AI software to reduce beautiful drawings into block diagrams.

PowerPatent acts as an assistant to automate your drafting of the background section.  Once you provide a summary of the invention, the software can draft a series of claims for you to apply your patent skills to arrive at the broadest possible enforceable claims for your client.  From the drawings and associated part list, PowerPatent generates a detailed description that is custom to each figure in minutes.  You can arrive at your highly customized patent application in less than ten minutes, and that is where the fun begins.

PowerPatent helps you strike a balance between providing quality patent drafting services and maintaining efficiency to satisfy your clients.

PowerPatent diagnostics can also be used to evaluate claims for support in patent drawings and the detailed descriptions, as well as antecedent basis issues in the claims. It can also check the accuracy and completeness of patent applications’ reference figures, part numbers and labels.  A one-click summary gives you a complete error analysis of all patent applications, pre-grant publication and issued patents. It also includes cross-links to related sections.

Created by patent attorneys to draft high quality patent applications, the PowerPatent system streamlines patent drafting with AI text completion and serves as a quality control check for analyzing the resulting work product. All while giving you back your time.