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Intellectual Property (IP) is more than an idea or concept for many business. 

Why is Patent Drafting Hard?

The US Supreme Court noted in 1892 that a patent application is one of the most difficult legal instruments that can be drafted. Section 112(a) and 112(b) of the Patent Law is as follow

In general, highly detailed specifications are better because the teachings therein can support claim amendment during examination to distinguish over prior art cited by the examiner. 

Fortunately, PowerPatent tilts the playing field back in your favor with our AI patent assistant. Try it!

Here Are Our Secrets

With PowerPatent, Drafting Patent Becomes Easy!

Avoids Steep Learning Curve

Our structure guidance saves you time reading and how to and DIY books, and our diagnostics catch common issues

Collaborate with Others (Team and/or Attorney

You are not alone. On-demand you can request attorney assistance (extra fees), and the collaboration improves IP quality.

Create IP in Franction of The Time

Speed. Our AI assistant acts as bicycles for your mind, enabling you to create IP in a franction of time.

Significant Cost Saving

We pass on the savings to you, while retaining high quality and quick turnaround. You win!

Using PowerPatent As Inventor's Notebook

Keep documents of your ideas

Inventors once kept a diary of their ideas in a notebook with pages dated and witnessed. This was required when the United States patent laws were based on the first to invent system. However, other patent offices around the world have been using the first-to-file system.  Since March 16, 2013, the U.S. Patent Laws have been changed to be first-to-file system to harmonize US laws with the rest of the world, so the race to get into US Patent & Trademark Office (PTO) is on! 

However, running out the doors and filing utility applications can run up the bills. Traditionally, an inventor would normally contact a patent lawyer to present her idea, or sketch, along with a few paragraphs. The attorney will then interpret the information and translate it into the proper format for filing a patent application. It may take several meetings between the inventor and attorney before a first draft is approved. This can lead to frustration, cost-prohibitive, and slow processes.  

In response to the need to speedily file, a whole industry has sprung up advocating the use of provisional applications for quick and dirty patent applications because doing full utility applications quickly was not possible on a budget. A provisional application bypasses these problems because there is no particular form or structure is needed.  Some startup consultants have advised founders to file portions of the business plan or slide deck on the company solution as a provisional application along with a small filing fee to claim your early filing date.

While provisional applications can be a great tool when used properly, the devil is in the details in the application.  There are certain situations when informal filings without forethought can cause problem.  For example, if you sold your product first, and a few months later you file a barebone provisional application, and then at the end of the year,  you convert the provisional application to a utility application. As your barebone disclosure does not have details to support your utility claims, it is possible that you are be entitled only to the date of filing of the utility for the new information recited in the claims, but the products you have been selling for more than year from the utility application can become prior art to reject your utility application.

Our solutions help you document your invention quickly and cost effectively.  Your work is time-stamped by us as an independent single source of truth (SSOT).  PowerPatent’s records can attest to the creation of documents at a specific date and time. The PowerPatent notebook provides enough detail so that anyone (including yourself) can easily understand what you invent and how to use it.

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